What is the goal of this program?

What is the goal of this program?

There are two levels to this. For each church who participates, our goal is that they move toward thriving, which we believe is marked by:

  • Enjoy life-giving relationships that extend beyond Sunday and the physical church building.
  • Experience God by placing God-questions at the center of the conversation.
  • Know and love your place and its people.
  • Discover and embrace your unique identity and call.

But on the grander level, our goal is nothing less than a movement among the churches of Dane County. You could call it an awakening.  A fresh sense among God’s people that God is on the move. A movement that discovers the unity Christ prayed for through partnering in local discernment and mission. A cluster of churches in every neighborhood and town praying and dreaming and working together for God’s kingdom to come to that place. With such a God-sized goal, we’re already dreaming about what it might look like to sustain and support this kind of movement of local ecumenical kinship, discernment and collaboration after the five years of the grant.

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