Book Discussion

Did you miss when Rev. Dr. Christopher James facilitated a book discussion of Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World by Alan J Roxburgh? Check out this video where he relates the book to Awaken Dane.

Participating in the mission of God has to come prior to knowing what church will be” p. 40

The problem comes when the techniques and skills of management become the default solution to the church’s unraveling.” p. 30

Our unraveled state is not punishment; it is the gift that forces us to learn to ask God-centered questions, to deny ‘modernity’s wager’ and admit that life cannot be lived well without any practical reference to the agency of God. The Spirit is calling us into a new imagination.” p. 42

These default patterns often move us to either do something for the community or find ways to help meet the community’s needs … in Luke 10, [Jesus] is in part calling disciples to move from doing things for people to being with people in the neighborhood and receiving from them.” p. 81

From the book: Exhausted with trying to ‘fix’ the church? It’s time to embrace a different path: getting in sync with what God is doing in the neighborhoods around us. In Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World, internationally renowned leader and scholar Alan Roxburgh contends the breakdown of the church’s dominance in North American life is actually a blessing. Today faith communities of all kinds – suburban and urban, large and small, denominational level and parish – can re-engage with the mission of God and reimagine church from the ground up.   

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